Our body deserves dilligent care

After all the talk about our mental and spiritual health, a tribute to our body is overdue. Therefore, let us do some observations and entertain some thoughts about the human body. Let us especially find out, what we can do to care for our body.

Our body is the interface between our soul and the material world, and often between different humans. Because we can use our body in many different situations and settings, it can function in several distinct mode. Those modes are closely connected to our emotions.

Five Dimensions of Care for Your Body

You have probably noticed that body care does not mean in the context of this episode merely brushing teeth and changing everyday socks and underwear. Caring for the body has in fact several more several dimensions, and all of them are very important.

  • We need to use and challenge our body
  • Rich and abundant nutrition keeps the body health and strong
  • The different waves and vibrations of the body need to swing in harmony with each other and the basic rhythm of the world.
  • Humans also need space for relaxing, sleeping, and revitalizing body and mind.
  • We must allow our energy to flow freely

I want to keep this episode simple. Therefore I will just go step by step through this list to see, how we can care for our body as good as possible.

Care for Body by Challenging it

The body is a self-learning system, automating many tasks in our life. We could not exist if we had to do every single step consciously, we could not write, nor walk nor breath. Moreover, filters select which information gathered by our senses will make it into our mind, and what will be dismissed as noise. Without such automations and shortcuts, our brain would be grossly overwhelmed and severely slowed down, even up to the point of breaking down completely.

But those mental automations need lots of input to function, develop, and grow: Think about modern systems of artificial intelligence: Even the best algorithm is useless without a rich stream of data to train it. The same is true for our mind. Lacking a reach data stream, the mind remains dull, slow, and prone to errors. Proof are our children, as they must move their body and expose it to ever new situations.

We need an abundance of data to train our body and mind

How do we generate this data stream for our mind? Acting is the simple answer. Here is how it works:

  • your mind imagines a movement
  • you move
  • your mind compares the resulting data with its expectations.

This way your movements refine our expectations and assumptions, fine-tune the filters, and open the door to completely new paths for exploring the world. Therefore, we need physical movement. We need to walk, run, smell the wind, feel the rain. We need sun on our skin, not too much but enough. By travelling, we can expose ourselves to completely new environments, providing a wide variety of impressions to our senses. We need all of them to stay healthy, and let our mind grow. Our body also needs the sensory impressions. How else could we sharpen our senses, refine our movements, and extend our reach by strengthening our muscles?

Of course, for children this is well understood. But what about us grownups? Sitting the whole day in front of a computer screen, swapping it in the evening with a TV set? Such a daily routine obviously reduces our data stream to audio and video signals. Smelling? We have an air conditioner, adding a nice smell to the air. Tasting? Our marvelous food, tuned up artificial flavors, is for our tasting senses the same as the noise from a jet engine to our ears. Both are blinding us, and over time degrading senses.


Our body does not function merely like a sponge, soaking up information and transforming it hopefully into wisdom. We all seem to know, that the body is a sophisticated structure of bones, muscles, tendons coordinated by a system of nerves. This wonderful system can only function properly as long as we provide a steady stream of nutrients. The body uses some of them to provide energy to the muscles and nerves. Other nutrients help to replace damaged cells of the body, or to let the body grow. Some will help cleaning the body. Then, there are the ones providing a stable and healthy environment for the bacteria in our intestines.

Eating the right amount of the right things is an essential part of body care. On the other hand, too many people are carelessly eating food with ingredients like preservants and artificial flavors. Preservants endanger the symbiotic bacteria we host in our body, and artificial flavors are prone to mislead the body about the content of the food we eat. Those artificial flavors provide fake information to our body. provide fake information to the digestive system and the body as a whole. It is easily understandable, why both classes of ingredients have a debilitating influence on the body.

The Rhythm of Relaxing and Acting

Honor your body and your senses

It is the same with the human body as with the whole world: It is easier to understand some aspects of the body when we see it as a structure of particles. Other aspects of the body open themselves up for our mind, when we look at the body as energy, vibrations, and rhythms.

In physics, this concept is called the particle-wave dualism, and it is really difficult to understand. But it is impossible to describe the behavior of tiny particles and very energy-loaden waves without accepting such a dualism.

For the body, it is immediately obvious, that both, energy waves and mechanical structures are involved. We have our skeleton, and muscles as a structure. The body is bounded by the skin, there is no doubt about its extension.

On the other hand, our body cannot exist without rhythm. There is the heartbeat, and breath. Our movements also need rhythm, otherwise we lose balance.

But there is more wave energy, we call it in the context of a human often vibes, or vibrations. The nervous system runs completely on electric currents, and electricity is based on waves. Less obvious, but equally important is the aura. With the aura, we can extend our presence far beyond the borders of our body. With the energy in the aura, we can influence and sense the world beyond the scope of the five senses of the materialized body.

The Impulse and Response Game

From an energy point of view, action means that we use our energy in a targeted way to modify the vibrations of the world around us a little bit. We can be also on the receiving end of someone else’s actions. In this case, this someone tries to modify our vibrations, rhythm, and energy.

There is nothing wrong with giving and receiving impulses, as long as they do not turn into permanent pressure. As counter intuitive as it might sound: Impulses create stability, while pressure creates a world that is going to collapse as soon as we run out of power. Only if we allow our world to return frequently to an equilibrium after we have set our impulse, it will be in balanced. Because we allow things to happen, tensions will be released in small portions all the time. Pressure and the intention to project power on others and the world around us results always in a build-up of tensions. And those tensions distort our vibrations. A free flow of energy will be in such a setting impossible.

Time Stimulates and Synchronizes our Vibrations

You may think time is a lineup of identical seconds. This is far from the truth, although schools and society try to nudge us exactly into that belief. Time is actually a system of four overlapping waves:

  1. days, defined by the earth rotating around its own axis
  2. months, defined by the moon cycling around the earth
  3. years, defined by the earth cycling together with the moon around the sun
  4. weeks, which is a cycle defined by the needs of the human mind to relax and release every focus and all pressure foe one day after six days of activity.

I invite you to find out more about the essence of time in episode 3 of Success and Inner Growth. In case you prefer to read instead of listening, you find the same content here in written format.

Those 4 time-waves have the power to synchronize our energy and heal our energy blocks. That is, if we only open up to them and allow our body and mind to oscillate with them. Allowing yourself to swing with the four rhythms of time is a very effective way to care for your body and mind.

Enough Sleep is an Important Way to Care for Your Body

Our body needs sleep. Relaxing the muzzles and tuning the whole engine down into maintenance mode is one reason for sleeping. Part of that maintenance is emptying the caches full of a wealth of information and signals we received over the day. During that maintenance time, our mind sifts through that information in the caches and relates it to other bits already stored in our subconscious mind. In short: during sleep time, our mind tries to make sense of the signals it decided to keep during daytime.

But there is another dimension of sleep. While our body sleeps, our soul does not need to focus like a hawk on that body. Relaxing the focus provides a bit of freedom to the soul and allows opening up to other aspects of the universe.


Operating a body and navigating through a life is a fascinating experience for our soul, indeed. With the help of the body, we can connect with others, test behaviors, try different ways to approach others, and find out who we want to be. The body and the environment on earth provide for us a safe place to try and test ourselves.

Because this body is such a fascinating and sophisticated tool for the soul, providing so many ways to learn and grow, we better take good care of that body. This starts with washing us and brushing the teeth. But caring for the body means also good nutrition, fresh and clean air, and water. Add movement and training all senses.

Care for the body includes providing enough space for the mind to perform its work by sorting and connecting this wealth of information taken in by the senses. Caring means here providing the opportunity to tune down and relax. This allows the body to do health checks and repair damaged cells. Therefore, we need to allow ourselves enough sleep.

Finally, we need to allow our body to swing with the different time waves. This allows us to synchronize the rhythm of our body and mind, so that they can swing with the time and connect with the energy of the earth.

Episode 22

This was the manuscript of episode 21 of the podcast Success and Inner Growth. The next episode, number 22 will appear by the end of August. We will discuss ways connect with fellow humans, and why that is important.

You can find all episodes of the podcast here, and all manuscripts here.

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