We often try to understand and see our soul using the brain. I challenge you today, to try it at least once the other way round and imagine, how your soul sees your body and your life as a human. Why? Relevant is the driver’s view on his car and his journey, not the car’s view on the driver. And guess, I see in this analogy the car in place of the body and the soul as driver.

Your Soul sees your Life

A Fulfilled Life as Seen by the Soul

Imagine, you are driving with your convertible car along the coastline. You know your destination, and you move towards it. But, if you see on the way a gorgeous sun rise, you can pull your car from the street, walk to the beach, and enjoy the scenery. Passing through a forest, you can breathe in the fresh air. On the way, you pick some flowers. And in case you get hungry, you stop at a beautiful restaurant and enjoy a tasty and healthy meal. Meeting others, you connect if you like, share notes and at times travel some way together.

To return from this image to a broader view: Your soul likes a life leading to satisfy desires, but also open for the beautiful, touching, and exciting moments spread along the way.

Your Soul Sees You Losing Control over Your Life

Now, imagine a different scenario. Instead of traveling at your own speed on your own time the way you want, you use a high-speed train. You are confined into a small space. Of course, there are windows in the train, but you cannot open them. No sun touching your skin, no smell of grass delighting your nose, no sound of the ocean approaching your ears.

You rest on a small seat, barely wider than your body. You do not have control, who sits next to you, but he might remain all the way as close as 10 cm to your body. Will your soul like that scenario? At best she will tolerate it for some time. But this tolerance can last only for a limited time.

There are instances in life that don't leave many choices

The Role of Society

There used to be roads and rules of the road. But now, we approach a situation, where the driver loses or gives up control over the movement of the car. Instead, a data driven system built, maintained, and controlled by the government takes over. They say, this would be all fine, as long as the car brings us to our destination. Use your imagination and judge yourself.

Imagine for example, your car turns suddenly to the right, leaves the route you intended and brings you to a completely different destination. Think, you end up in a police station instead of reaching your workplace. Feel that situation.

After this mental exercise you can probably understand the frustration and despair of a soul, when she sees you doing funny things in your life, and she can do nothing about it. Think: What would you do, sitting in a self-driving car that heads into a direction you do not understand? Of course, you would try everything to stop that car.

I admit, when driving, you are in most cases not alone with your car. You need roads, and you have to share the space with other cars, bicycles, motorbikes, pedestrians etc. The same is true for our wider life. We share the space in the world with other people, and we want peace and predictability. Therefore, a society develops rules to facilitate a peaceful life. So far, so good.

If the Soul Sees Your Life Spinning in Circles

But the trouble starts when society tries to push the soul out of the game. This is quite common, and it goes so far that some cultures try to build a wall between a human and his soul, so that the body sees his soul no longer.

Again, we see the same phenomenon in the realm of road traffic. The rules become so tightened, that they require you to behave like a robot, when driving.

Next, think what your soul is going to do, if she sees your body and your life trapped in an environment resembling the high-speed train. Control over direction, delegated. Speed determined by others. All the small miracles on the way eliminated. Your soul will watch that strange turn of events for a while. But if she sees that you establish this way of life as normality, your soul must act. To return to the picture of a high-speed train, your soul will look for the emergency break. She will try to stop that train, smash a window if necessary and try to escape from that train.

The Soul is Fighting Back

After the soul has seen a life with growing disdain, time for action has come. Your soul will first whisper, then talk, then shout at you to let you know how she sees your life. If that all does not help, the soul will act with more force. You will get sick. This will at least break your daily robot-like routine. You might suffer an accident, forcing you to give your life a new direction. If that all does not help, the soul will give up and withdraw her energy. This is another way to spell the word ‘death’.

How to Please Your Soul

You have seen that your health and ability to act, but also your life as such depend on the input of your soul. Therefore, I do not think I even need to mention that is makes great sense for you to please your soul, to cater extensively for her needs and to satisfy her desires.

Reflect from time to time, how your soul sees your life

Of course, this means to listen carefully to your soul’s messages. I have talked about that quite a lot in recent episodes of this podcast, especially in episode 18. Listen again to that episode. And, as a minimum, integrate a meditation routine into your day.

No attention left for small miracles?

Open up for the miracles in the world

In the eyes of your soul, life means first and foremost operating a human body. And what is a body? After reflecting a bit, you might conclude that your body is in its core a sophisticated tool to collect impressions with your senses, and then to structure the information you collected. You can then use the understanding you built up to modify the world around you in a way that pleases you and your soul.

You may be able to please your soul by sending a wide variety of impressions from your senses, and by generating more of specific impressions, if she asks you for that. These may be impressions about the earth as such, but also about other living beings. This includes connecting to other souls.

Honor your body and your senses

Honor Your Body and Care for Your Senses

Your soul sees life first and foremost as the opportunity to operate a body. Therefore, honoring your body and caring for it is an obvious way to cater to your soul’s desires.

This includes…

  • enough sleep
  • clean air
  • clean water
  • particularly good food, covering all needs of the body abundantly. This is not only about calories but includes also all the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Add on that some complex organic stable substances your body must have in tiny portions. Think enzymes and other complex structures of molecules.

And it excludes bringing poisons into your body…

  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs.
  • Chemical add-ons used in food processing like preservatives can harm your body and its ability to access the food you provide.
  • Artificial flavorings mislead your body, because flavors are also signaling to the body what to expect from that food.
  • Avoid residues from phytosanitary products.

Take good care of the food quality. Make sure you provide all those helpful substances to your body. This is more a matter of attention than a matter of money. And remember, your body will feel hungry, and your digestive system continues to work and send what it can offer to the blood, as long as your body signals that something is missing. This means that a single mineral in low supply means that your body takes in lots of sugar and fed, although it has already more than enough of it.

If you use food supplements to make sure that your body receives always enough of everything, look for the highest quality available. This is a matter of trust. I use now for 2 decades products of LifePlus, and I found them excellent.

Contribute to the world

It brings satisfaction to your soul, if you contribute in a unique way to the world as a whole. Life can be unbelievably delicious for your soul, and your contribution to the world as a whole is your soul’s way to express gratitude for the blessing of having a body in the world.

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If you start to see your life with your soul’s eyes, you will find many ways to cater to the wishes of your soul and satisfy her desires. Your soul will welcome this, start to allocate more attention to your life, provide incredibly valuable insights to you and send you extra energy. Those are the ingredients you need for a joyful life in abundance.

Episode 21

This was the manuscript of episode 20 of the podcast Success and Inner Growth. Episode 21 will appear by the end of May. We will have a deeper look at the body, health, and nutrition. It is a super important question, how we can satisfy our body’s needs, while keeping everything in balance.

You can find all episodes of the podcast here, and all manuscripts here.

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