Social Media are Powerful

It is easy for a government to block email or a website. And they know why they require internet and mobile phone providers to integrate the necessary equipment into their networks.
But it is almost impossible to block communication thru Twitter, combined with YouTube and Facebook, as the Iranian government learnt last summer.

Why is this?

  1. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are all located in the US, and this is still the one country in the world where the right of free speech is more entrenched than anywhere else in the world.
    Mr. Obama is certainly more powerful than Mrs. Merkel of Berlin. But he would not dare to announce, that he wants to punish a British citizen living in Argentina, for a statement he made in a newspaper in Sweden. Merkel thinks she has a right to decide what other people may say about certain topics, not only in her kitchen cabinet, but around the world. (By bad luck she did not get the idea to invite Mr. Williams for a common visit in the German “Bundesarchive” to share a research day. It would have been interesting to know, whether in the archive are feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis done before the holocaust machine was started. As I know the Nazis, they certainly did such studies in advance)
  2. Social media, especially Twitter and YouTube are not restricted to one single infrastructure. You can get Twitter messages via SMS, a mobile internet connection, or the fixed internet. If the message is blocked on one channel, you can get it next minute via an alternative channel.
    You can use a simple mobile phone to take a picture or video, and you can send it on the spot via your G3 network connection to YouTube or to a photo network. Nobody, really nobody has the power to undo this. If the topic is hot, hundreds of people everywhere will have seen the video, and taken a copy, before anybody can remove it.
  3. This means: If you live in a country with low regard for free speech, you better make sure that you have a strong social media presence. Otherwise you could wake up one morning just to find out that you get no more traffic on your web server, and that your email goes into the air. If you do not have a friend network or if you cannot reach your friends, you are helpless.

But what can keep you from sending a tweet from your mobile or any internet cafe around the corner?

Yours for life without sleepless nights
Johannes Stockburger

Another obvious aspect of this thought is: host your website on a server in a free speech country.

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Social Media and Search Engine Traffic

There are two types of traffic:

  1. Traffic which comes from internet users who find you thru search engines, or by following a link, paid or unpaid, to your site.
  2. Traffic coming from mailing lists or socal networks, which you can induce by sending an email to your list, or by making a post to facebook, twitter etc.

Know The Difference
I do not have direct influence, when people search for, lets say a flight from Mumbai to Frankfurt. And if they reach me, they are not very likely to trust me with their credit card information, because they do not have a real clue, who I am.
People, whom I reach thru my mailing list, or Facebook and Twitter, had a chance to learn a lot more about me. They have an idea whom I am. This makes it is easier for them to trust me.
And I have the opportunity to tell them about a hot offer, when it is available. And sometimes, I can give an advance notice, before a price is going up. This makes them much more likely to buy. Why? Because my offer is timely, and because they have a chance to know me as a person.

So, there is a sequence from first time visitor to member of a mailing list, and/or to connect via social media. This allows us to develop a relationship and trust..

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Get Profitable Conversions from AdWords Content Network

I want to show you a simple five-step process to use the content networks of Google AdWords:

  1. Define ad groups narrowly, with one or just a handful of closely related keywords (synonyms). If you put too many or too different keywords into one ad group, you will never know which keywords bring clicks and conversions from the content network.
  2. Observe the statistics given by Google closely. It may take one or two days, but Google will show you, which websites produce clicks and conversions.
  3. Move every websites which produces conversions at a profitable cost from “automatic placements” to managed placement. You do this by marking them and using the menu item “Manage placement and bid”
  4. If you find websites which are producing lots of clicks but no conversions, block them by using the menu item “Exclude placement”
  5. Watch the statistics of managed placements closely. If you feel you could get more conversions from a placement at a reasonable cost, you can increase your bid. If you find the cost per conversion is too high, reduce the bid or remove the placement.

By using this 5-step process you can often get more conversions from the content network at lower prices, than you could get from the Adwords search networks with the same keywords.

Use Information Products to Connect with Emerging Economies

Be Part of the Success Storiy of Emerging Economies
Selling information products through the internet is an easy way to connect to the dynamic economies in asia and shield yourself from the impact of economic crises in the US and Western Europe.

Huge demand for Know How
Emerging economies, who are either rich in natural resources like Russia, Middle Eastern countries and Barzil, or buying producers in the sector aggresively, like China, need as a second ingredient to develop wealth all kinds of know how.
They are willing to spend even billions of Dollars or Euro to buy themselfs into companies like Daimler, Porsche, or last year into US banks, just to get access to technology.
This shows, that there is big demand in information products. If you know, where to find them, you can sell them for a nice commission. And you can develop expertise on your own, which you can sell also.

Become an Expert
This demand for information products is not confined to high tech. It can be things like explaining the mechanisms of western societies in a way understandable for outsiders, or simple step by step guides in the internet.

If you invest your time and effort, you can easily carve out a niche of expertise for yourself, and sell your knowledge to this huge market of people, who want nothing more than to learn and grow in terms of personality and productivity (wealth):