Be Successful

Strong Simple truth
One of the big truth is so simple: If you want to be successful, copy the people who are successful. It is that simple. I know, it is also painful, because this truth hurts the ego. But its your choice, your current ego …, success … . Do not allow your ego to block your personal development.

What is Success?
This is not so simple. There are a few hurdles, hidden traps. The first one: Success is a word with many different meanings for different people. It means actually only, that you reach your goals, but it does not say anything about your goals. If you define the wrong goals, which do not correspondent to your needs, you will be successful and miserable. And do not think, this is a rare occurrence. Many are in that state.
One more hint: Success is a state of mind. It is not about having things, but about being what you are, living your own life. There are successful gardeners, successful dentists and successful musicians. Each of them may have very different things, the dentist has possibly more than the gardener etc. But there are also miserable dentists or lawyers who have all the money they ever dreamt of, but still unhappy.

Find People to Copy
After you defined what success means for you, look for people who are successful in that sense. Find people, whom you like. This means people, where you can say I would like to be like them, to behave like them, to think like them, to live like them. Study them and copy them. Do what they are doing. Over time you will get their results.

Possible Role Models
If you are looking for success in internet marketing, I want to suggest a few people whom you should study:

Take Your Time. Do Research.
These eigth are a good beginning. Look at them, what they are doing, how they behave, their results. Watch them over some time. Suscribe to their newsletters. Read their free materials, watch their videos.
After some time, maybe you find a person, whom you want to copy. Or one of them leads to to somebody, whom you want to copy. Then just copy the behaviour, thinking, actions of the person, who is like you want to be.

How to Get Traffic to Your Web Page?

Traffic is like the blood of all online activities: If nobody sees you article, photo, video, there is no sense in publishing it.
But not all traffic is equal:
The people who see you message on their screen need to

  • be interested in the topic
  • believe that you can give a valuable input
  • give you at least some trust

You need to have that in mind if you start to channel traffic to you new web business, no matter what is the source of traffic. In essence you need to build an audience. This means you need to build a relationship to people who value your input, and who are willing to listen, if you send them a message.

If you have already an audience in the offline world, you can draw them into your internet world. This is the case if you have already a brick-and-mortar business. You can draw your existing customers and prospects into your internet activities by providing through the web enhanced service, like support videos, 24 hour ordering etc.

To get additional people into your audience, you can use many methods. Some of the more popular are:

  • paid advertisements
  • article marketing
  • social networks
  • teleseminars or webinars

About each of this methods there is a lot of material and training courses available. And it is important to master the ones you use. So, the best approach would be in the beginning to study one or two in depth.
I one of the next posts I will discuss some characteristics of each method. This will help to decide which is the best to start.

Start With Selling Other Peoples Products

There are three areas which need most of your attention and resources if you build a business in internet:

  • tech stuff
  • traffic
  • sales copy

You may miss the term “product”, as any business involves the exchange of a valuable product or service against money. I did not forget that. But in the beginning this will only slow you down.
But there are plenty of high quality products out there, which you can sell. You do not need to pay a dime for the right to sell them, and you can get nice commissions of 50% and more for selling them.
For this reason, if you start an internet business, you do not need to spend resources for developing and testing a product. In fact, you should not. It takes time and money to develop, test and tweak a product, before it can be a hot seller. And you need skills to do that. You will acquire many of these skills, while selling top products for a commission.
There is only one exception of this rule: If you have already an offline business, and you decide to extend your reach by going online, you can do this with your existing product or service.