Being a human involves four dimensions: the soul, the body, the mind, and the persona. Every human being incorporates all of them. There is no human without any of those four dimensions.

First, I want to shed a bit light on each of those four dimensions of being human. Let me start with the persona.

The Persona

Your persona is the social dimension of being a human. The term describes how you relate to society and other people. This goes on both ways: how you see yourself in the context of society, and how society sees you. Your persona is in a way exemplified by your CV. You have some freedom to frame and interpret it, but you are not completely free to write into your CV what you want. You cannot add a PHD. Moreover, you might try to skip over some unpleasant experiences. But it might be hard to camouflage the holes they leave in your CV. People will realize that there is something you do not want to mention.

Therefore, your personal evolves and results from your interactions with society. You can change and modify your persona by modifying your relationship to society. But society and especially governments can also affect your persona unilaterally and forcibly by issuing court convictions or applying their power in other less obvious ways.

The Chinese bring governments‘ quests to rule our behavior and brain to the next level. They created a point system, monitoring whether and to which degree their citizens comply with the government’s rules and expectations and grade it by issuing points. Then they treat the results as an indicator of your value. If you are found lacking, your opportunities and options for life in China are severely restricted.

And make no mistake: European governments are not completely immune against pursuing the extra power they can acquire through such a point system.

Why is Your Persona Important?

Our persona embodies in essence the sum of our relationships, the appreciation and recognition we receive from others and from society as a whole.

But this appreciation and recognition does not come merely in warm words. They arrive also as money, status, power, and other privileges provided by society.

In one sentence: the persona is the dimension of life, where success or failure are at home.

The Body

The second of the four human dimensions is our body. It is firmly anchored in the material world. It is a super-sophisticated tool set, allowing us to interact with the material world. We observe it with our five senses. As humans we modify the material world according to our wishes. design our living place, clothes etc. We cook part of it as food and eat it. All those tasks are done with the help of our body, and with tools and materials prepared by other people with the help of their bodies.

It functions autonomously for a limited time. We can automate tasks like walking and driving, reading, and writing.

The body’s nervous system controls together with the brain the body functions. All the information we have collected with our senses find a place in the brain. We save them first in our short-term memory. As soon as we find an opportunity to do so, we wipe the short-term memory clean by transferring the information to the long-term memory. There we match the information with already existing related bits and include them into our body of knowledge.

Body, Mindset and Mind

But it is important to note, that this body of knowledge stored in our brain is not the same as our mind. And the mindset is neither knowledge, nor is it part of the mind.

If you want to frame the relationship between your mind, your body of knowledge and your mindset in military terms, then the body of knowledge would resemble deployed assets, the mindset or thinking habits would represent the rules of engagement. The mind finally, would be the strategic command center.

It is important to differentiate between mind, mindset, and knowledge.

But European thinking tries to separate people from their mind and soul. The thinking of the so called “Enlightenment” tries to reduce us to the human dimensions of persona and body. Therefore, humans adhering to the ideals of the age of “Enlightenment” must credit all their mental capabilities to their body. Their persona, exemplified by their resume, acquires resources, power, and recognition. It is very dear to them. But there is no dispute, that even a superbly enlightened resume cannot think. Soul and mind are for humans in the era of “Enlightenment” either absent or irrelevant. What remains for thinking is only the body.

In a healthy human, the mind is connected with both, body and soul

The Mind

The third of the human dimensions is the mind. The mind is in terms of information for the soul, what the body is for the persona. Body and mind collect and process information, structure it and make them available to the persona respective the soul.

While the body acquires information through the five senses, the sixth sense belongs to the sphere of the mind. The sixth sense relates to energy, while the five senses measure and observe different aspects of the material world.

The mind has direct access to the body. It can read out the information and knowledge we accumulate in the body. Moreover, it can influence how we structure our body of knowledge and understand the world.

The mind is the tool of our soul to connect to our body and to guide our life.

The soul is the one human dimension that existed before we became human and can remain after we die.

The Soul

Our soul is at the end of the day the boss of our life. She was there, before we were born. And she will continue to exist in most cases after we die.

But the soul is also the one of the human dimensions, which many people try to ignore or even renege. There are many, many humans who seem to be even unaware of the fact that they have a soul.

The reason for this sad state of affairs is pressure from society. We better hide in modern times the influence of our mind and soul on our daily behavior. Otherwise we will be categorized as weirdos, even as mentally sick. Our status in society will suffer, appreciation and material resources will diminish in most cases.

This lets us often ignore the input of our mind and soul, until we have built up thinking habits that repel everything even remotely connected to them.

How the soul can help or hinder

Our soul can funnel energy into our body. She can heal the body when it is warranted. But she can also make our body sick if our life ignores its wishes. The soul throws obstacles in our way if she disagrees with our plans or actions. If nothing else helps, the soul will arrange an accident or a catastrophic event to prevent us from following a path she does not want us to go.

But the soul can also provide to us via our mind invaluable information about the world around us – if we only dare to listen. If we are on our way into an ambush, our soul will know. And if we are trained to listen to the messages, she sends us through our mind, we will turn around.

Our soul spots opportunities, which are completely invisible to the five senses. If we do not build the habit of ignoring the subtle messages our soul sends via our mind to our brain, we can take up and use those opportunities. We will use our intuition to see, what others could not even imagine.

And, by good luck, if we did build bad thinking habits blocking our intuition, we can tear them down. We can be the master of our habits.

Let your four human dimensions work in concert

If you want to live up to your full potential, your soul, mind, body, and persona must work in harmony and support each other. This sounds obvious.

But compliance with the demand of societies creates a thinking habit a.k.a mindset, that automatically compares the information coming from your senses, and their possible consequences, with officially pronounced “truths”. If there is a discrepancy between both, this thinking habit will dismiss the information in question and filter it out before it can even enter your body of knowledge.

Protect Your Integrity

Therefore, in our modern times, in most people exists a dissonance between the believes built up according to society’s demands and the information gathered by the 5 senses. Society demands that you accept as truth, whatever the authorities declare. If your eyes show you something else than the official truth, authorities expect you to apply a mental filter and discard the facts you have seen by yourself. Noncompliance damages your persona and closes many doors in such societies.

So, society tries to implant such self-censoring thought-automations into your brain, even for information which is coming directly from your senses. Then, how do they expect you to handle intuition coming from your mind?

Execution of three witches on November 4 1585 in Baden
Execution of three witches on 4 November 1585 in Baden (Switzerland), illustration from the Wickiana (collection of Johann Jakob Wick, Zentralbibliothek Zürich)

Cut Off from Mind and Soul

In history lessons we learn in the context of the European early modern historical period, what happened to witches. Those were people who allowed their intuition to guide them, and their spiritual energy to heal or influence the material world. The were burned on a pyre.

After everybody was intimidated enough to concede that there is no mind outside the human body, and no spiritual energy connected to a human, authorities started to proclaim: “Oh, how stupid have we been, burning people as witches. No human could ever use spiritual energy to heal and influence his life. And intuition is completely vague and unreliable.” Especially the Germans are immensely proud of that turn of events. They call it the “Enlightenment”.

The Holocaust

It is possible to categorize the huge effort of the German government in the 20th century to wipe out the Jewish people and eradicate Jewish consciousness as another example of European witch hunts.

The German leaders had concluded that there was no way the Jewish could abandon their knowledge of the spiritual world. Therefore, if they wanted to cleanse the world from those “dark forces”, they had to destroy the Jewish people. With them, any memory of their knowledge should disappear. And boy, they really tried with all their power and committed huge resources. But this time the power of bundled mediocrity was not strong enough.

European Colonialism

The European tradition to cut off mind and soul from body and persona weakened humans to the point, where they were in danger of resembling in their behaviour animals more closely than human beings.

But the resulting societies were still strong enough to subdue the whole world. This was possible because the hierarchical organization model could coordinate and control the actions of huge crowds. Even if the individual members of that crowds invited pity for their weakness, as a crowd they were strong.

Those masses of individuals with amputated minds and souls proved to be stronger than every single person, or even every small group of people, no matter how strong and sophisticated their minds might have been.

Reclaim Access to All Your Human Dimensions

What I have said before sounds depressing. But things are changing. You can send messages from the US Westcoast to a small village in the Black Forest in Germany, and nobody can prevent you from doing so. This means that governments lost control over the information you can access. And they cannot control anymore, to whom you can connect.

Take Back Control

Governments strive to retain their mass control, and the Chinese demonstrate in Tibet and the Uighur regions how far a government can go.

But if you manage your life with care, you can build a network of people that allows you to avoid those extremes and get your appreciation, recognition and money from people dispersed around the globe. No single government can threaten you now and tell you: “If you honor your intuition and value the information coming from your senses higher than our certified truths, you will lose your job and livelihood.” Today, you have better opportunities than recanting the half-truths touted by the mighty.

Therefore, I appeal to you: Train your senses and your intuition. Open up to the energy flows around you. This is the way to reconnect your four human dimensions. Do not be fearful, because the time of the tyrants is coming to an end!

Epsode 18

This was the manuscript of episode 17 of the podcast of Success and Inner Growth. Episode 18 will appear around December 15. The topic will be “How to overcome the wall between your mind and your conscious life.” You find all episodes of the podcast here, and all manuscripts here.

Human life has four dimensions: Soul, Mind, Body, and Persona.

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