How to Choose Your Customers

joh11a_conversionrateWhen I just started out in marketing, someone told me:

“Your prospects need to earn the privilege to be your clients”

At the time, I thought this is a nice psychological trick to increase the perceived value of my service.

Years later I found out, how dead wrong I was. Choosing the right customers is not a sales trick. It is a profound requirement for any business, and if you fail in that your business will not be fun – and by far not as profitable as it could be.

Here is a presentation explaining the concept:

Success by Selling with Integrity

Why is Porsche’s Return on Sales rate for 2014 15,8%, while Volkswagen Passenger Cars posts only 2,5% Return on Sales? What is the secret behind Amazon’s seemingly unstoppable growth?



Video length: 21 minutes

This video discusses the impact good or weak customer relationships on growth and profitability of a business, using Amazon, Volkswagen and Porsche as examples.

What do you think, why can Porsche charge almost 20% more for a car, which is sold only with little modifications as Volkswagen for a much lower price? Is it indeed customer relationship, or is there another reason?

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Selling with Integrity – Part 1

This video discusses an Amazon product page offering a book for sales to find out how they are selling.

Is Selling with Integrity a pipe dream? Or is it the way of the fastest growing and most successful businesses? Leave a comment with your thoughts: