Incredible Webhosting and Multimedia Package

I just got a bunch of emails about a new webhosting program called GVO, offered by a, a web hosting company providing their service for years to many big internet marketers.
The package contains:

  • Unlimited reseller web hosting package
  • Full featured auto responder package for as many mailing lists you want
  • Web conference room for chat, video and audio presentations.
  • Video and audio hosting service
  • And more

The hosting service has its own data center with strong infrastructure, located in the US. The company behind provides hosting for top marketers and is already twelve years in busies.
I registered immediately for the 1 Dollar trial, because I pay currently 4 times as much for my webhosting, auto responder and web conferencing systems. I spent this whole Monday checking it out, and I am amazed.
But I want to spare my words. Just listen what longtime customers of have to tell you.