Marketing Strategies with a WordPress Blog

Everybody shouts “Facebook marketing!” Why bother to create marketing strategies with a WordPress blog? The answer is simple: A sports car cannot replace a tractor; neither can the tractor replace a sports car. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn can give you exposure. But the WordPress blog can fill the role of the work horse in your marketing strategy. Through your blog you can lend a hand to your prospects, guiding them from the moment they expressed interest by clicking on the link leading to your blog through the decision process until they have a burning desire to reap the benefits of your product or service. At the end of this way your prospect should be ready to proceed to the sales page and buy. To say the same in a more formal language: In your marketing strategy our WordPress blog should take care of the desire part of the AIDA sequence.

How can marketing strategies with a WordPress blog foster the growth of desire in a prospect’s mind? There are several ways a blog can help you out to reach that goal:

  1. Post regularly to highlight different benefits of your service without exhausting your readers.
  2. Provide samples to help you prospects quickly and gain credibility
  3. Ask for comments to learn what your prospects think and gain social proof
  4. Control the environment to keep you audience focused.

Our marketing strategies with a WordPress blog use an indirect approach. We do not try to push our prospect to buy. We provide for our audience a context where everybody can try and feel how much safer, more enjoyable and richer his life could become by using our products or services. We provide free samples and explain how to use them. We give people the opportunity to comment on our samples and explanations. Readers can ask questions, suggest improvements and tell us how they use our content. Obviously we remove spam comments, and we will never allow people to hurt others with their comments.

Another important component of my marketing strategy is the blog feed. WordPress automatically creates feeds of posts, and also of comments. This helps to alert people about fresh content, highlighting new aspects of the offer. I use Google’s Feedburner service to get an idea how many people are really keen to see my content as soon as I post it.

Email is also a regular component of our marketing strategies with a WordPress blog. We offer email subscriptions throughout the blog and use the lists to offer extra samples and goodies. Subscribers receive also alerts when we post fresh content on the blog, and if we have any special offers.

We also mail related offers and alerts about valuable content from other publishers, provided they add extra value to our readers.