Selling with Integrity – Part 1

This video discusses an Amazon product page offering a book for sales to find out how they are selling.

Is Selling with Integrity a pipe dream? Or is it the way of the fastest growing and most successful businesses? Leave a comment with your thoughts:

How to Build an Audience

Developing relationships of trust and earning an authority status are the essential steps for building an audience. And a strong audience is a synonym for internet marketing success.

Why? Internet marketing is another word for selling information. And selling information – offline and online – needs credibility. Credibility on the other hand rests on three pillars:

  • you know what you are talking about
  • you say what you know and truly believe
  • people recognize both of the above

People who know you as an expert in your field and believe into your integrity and honesty are far more likely to listen to your advice and act on it. This is called influence and allows you to sell your advice in form of an information product and also to earn money as an affiliate recommending third party products and services.

The key question is then how to find people who like to listen to you, who consider your advice as valuable and who are willing to act on it.

The Communication Triangle

The Communication Triangle

Your communication triangle is defined by three components:

  1. You
  2. The information and advice you provide
  3. The people who listen to you

For building an audience you have to create a positive relationship between yourself, your message and your listeners.

I assume that you are ambitious, willing to back up your goals with effort, and honest. Otherwise you would read up to here. But there is something else you need to be aware of:

Communication Style
The way you communicate is important. There are many valid communication styles. But to build an audience you have to be consistent. This way you can connect to people who like your style. Others will go somewhere else.

  • Are you communicating quickly or very detailed in small steps.
  • Do you prefer step-by-step arguments along logical lines or analogies with many metaphors and pictures
  • Your preferred language is obviously important.

The Fit
There must be a fit between all three components: you, your message and your audience.

  • You have to stay true to yourself. Otherwise you cannot build credibility and you damage your physical and psychological health.
  • You have to be consistent in your style of communication and your topic.
  • You have to craft your message in a way fitting to you and your audience.

The good news is now that the internet is not a global village, but a global mega-metropolis. There are enough people fitting to whatever personality you might have. You just have to open up and look for the right people.

Fine Tuning Your Communication Triangle
Things become interesting if you are able to create a dynamic in this triangle. This comes from listening to your audience, thus learning more details about their wants and needs. Now you can do your research and fine tune your message to the questions and needs of your audience. This increases your value for your audience. They will look forward for your messages, take them important and read them carefully. Your recognition as an expert will grow, you will reach more people and your influence will also grow.

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Mobile Apps – the Future of Marketing

Mobile apps as backbone of future marketing? I’ve got this free report for you: 5 Reasons why Mobile Apps are the Future of Marketing.
After reading, your question will no longer be whether your business needs mobile apps. You will only ask yourself: “How can I get a mobile app for my business?”
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Marketing Strategies with a WordPress Blog

Everybody shouts “Facebook marketing!” Why bother to create marketing strategies with a WordPress blog? The answer is simple: A sports car cannot replace a tractor; neither can the tractor replace a sports car. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn can give you exposure. But the WordPress blog can fill the role of the work horse in your marketing strategy. Through your blog you can lend a hand to your prospects, guiding them from the moment they expressed interest by clicking on the link leading to your blog through the decision process until they have a burning desire to reap the benefits of your product or service. At the end of this way your prospect should be ready to proceed to the sales page and buy. To say the same in a more formal language: In your marketing strategy our WordPress blog should take care of the desire part of the AIDA sequence.

How can marketing strategies with a WordPress blog foster the growth of desire in a prospect’s mind? There are several ways a blog can help you out to reach that goal:

  1. Post regularly to highlight different benefits of your service without exhausting your readers.
  2. Provide samples to help you prospects quickly and gain credibility
  3. Ask for comments to learn what your prospects think and gain social proof
  4. Control the environment to keep you audience focused.

Our marketing strategies with a WordPress blog use an indirect approach. We do not try to push our prospect to buy. We provide for our audience a context where everybody can try and feel how much safer, more enjoyable and richer his life could become by using our products or services. We provide free samples and explain how to use them. We give people the opportunity to comment on our samples and explanations. Readers can ask questions, suggest improvements and tell us how they use our content. Obviously we remove spam comments, and we will never allow people to hurt others with their comments.

Another important component of my marketing strategy is the blog feed. WordPress automatically creates feeds of posts, and also of comments. This helps to alert people about fresh content, highlighting new aspects of the offer. I use Google’s Feedburner service to get an idea how many people are really keen to see my content as soon as I post it.

Email is also a regular component of our marketing strategies with a WordPress blog. We offer email subscriptions throughout the blog and use the lists to offer extra samples and goodies. Subscribers receive also alerts when we post fresh content on the blog, and if we have any special offers.

We also mail related offers and alerts about valuable content from other publishers, provided they add extra value to our readers.

How to Use an Online Event as Marketing Tool

An online event can act as important building block in your marketing system. It can help you to develop a campaign capability, which involves the capacity to send hundreds or thousands of visitors to a single page in a short time span and ask them for a specific action like registering for a mailing list or buying a product. This capability is essential if you want to earn money by participating in product launches as an affiliate, and much more so, if you want to launch your own product.

What Is an Online Event?
Online events take most often the form of teleseminars (conference calls or webcasts in a variety of formats) and webinars. A webinar contains visual and audio elements, while a teleseminar or webcast focuses on audio. A printed document may be added, and especially for the pure audio event it is very important to provide a clear structure to the listener in a printed format. The visual portion of an online event may be a power point presentation, or a transmission of the presenter’s computer screen.

What Is so Special with Online Events?
First of all a written text contains only a fraction of the information which gained by listening to the voice of a person. By Talking and listening it is much easier to create a bond of trust. If you want to learn more about this aspect of an online event, do a web search for “Arthur Joseph”. In this article I want to concentrate on more formal aspects of marketing with an online event.

Natural Reasons to Send Follow Up Messages
You get naturally a number of natural occasions to contact your audience through email, twitter etc: Announce the event, remind them to attend, when the replay is put online, when the replay is going offline. You can add a deadline to register, or to ask questions in advance. You can contact them this way. You can send five, six, seven messages in one campaign without being or sounding spammy.

Urgent Need for Action
You have at least two deadlines inherent in your online event which create automatic urgency: The events date and time, when it’s over, it’s over. And the second deadline is the time when you remove the replay. If you choose, you can add a third deadline by asking to register for the event or request a certain topic to be covered latest at a certain date.

Project Scarcity
Every direct mail copywriter will tell you to create a sense of scarcity. Your online event does that elegantly: You have only 200 phone lines available. Seats are awarded on a first come first serve basis. The more you have been able to become known as an expert in your field, the ability to ask you a question and interact directly and publicly with you will be seen as a scarce and valuable opportunity.

Sense of Belonging
To belong to a select group is a powerful motivator for humans. You can use this fact of course with your online event by making a special offer exclusively to the group attending the event. But you can even go a step further by doing events for your customers only, or for your twitter followers, Facebook friends and mailing list subscribers. If you do this properly, you can strengthen your relationship with your audience with each and every event you do.

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