Are You With the Right Friends?

Maybe you realized that I have been quiet for quite a few months. The reason was in the beginning not even obvious to me myself, but I had to bring first a bit more clarity into my own life.

I knew that my life was a bit “complicated”, and my intention was to clean up slowly and silently. But then things began to to deteriorate, fast.

I had a online travel agency with a partner, and I realized that some customers had trouble to reach us by phone. Some email was coming late, or only after I received a call from the sender asking for a response.

Around the same time I realized that my partner was doing some other dealings with people I do not even know, and quite questionable dealings. It looked to me as if this partner was either on the verge of being defrauded, or trhat he might even try to participate in an organized crime operation. I tried to tell her to leave this stuff alone, but she refused.

Both together lead me to close the travel agency. This was the right decision, although it turned out that the deal she tried to do was indeed a scam.

Anyway, the money which used to come from the travel agency was now missing.

The next thing to come was a tax audit. It seems that I was not alone with my observations and questions. This audit did not turn up any mistakes on my side, but it took a lot of time and energy.

This whole situation left me by January in a position scrambling to hold things together and to prevent a complete collapse. I had to do whatever it takes to earn cash, working very long hours outside for little money, until an uncompromising and painful round of costcutting could bring at least a little relief.

I am not writing this to ask for sympathy. I just want to give another example to make the case how important it is to choose the right friends and partners in your business and in your life. I heard about this concept first more than twenty years ago from Anthony Robins. At that time I thought it was inappropriate and only cementing an unjust world. But now I know: this is vital.

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