How to Build an Audience

Developing relationships of trust and earning an authority status are the essential steps for building an audience. And a strong audience is a synonym for internet marketing success.

Why? Internet marketing is another word for selling information. And selling information – offline and online – needs credibility. Credibility on the other hand rests on three pillars:

  • you know what you are talking about
  • you say what you know and truly believe
  • people recognize both of the above

People who know you as an expert in your field and believe into your integrity and honesty are far more likely to listen to your advice and act on it. This is called influence and allows you to sell your advice in form of an information product and also to earn money as an affiliate recommending third party products and services.

The key question is then how to find people who like to listen to you, who consider your advice as valuable and who are willing to act on it.

The Communication Triangle

The Communication Triangle

Your communication triangle is defined by three components:

  1. You
  2. The information and advice you provide
  3. The people who listen to you

For building an audience you have to create a positive relationship between yourself, your message and your listeners.

I assume that you are ambitious, willing to back up your goals with effort, and honest. Otherwise you would read up to here. But there is something else you need to be aware of:

Communication Style
The way you communicate is important. There are many valid communication styles. But to build an audience you have to be consistent. This way you can connect to people who like your style. Others will go somewhere else.

  • Are you communicating quickly or very detailed in small steps.
  • Do you prefer step-by-step arguments along logical lines or analogies with many metaphors and pictures
  • Your preferred language is obviously important.

The Fit
There must be a fit between all three components: you, your message and your audience.

  • You have to stay true to yourself. Otherwise you cannot build credibility and you damage your physical and psychological health.
  • You have to be consistent in your style of communication and your topic.
  • You have to craft your message in a way fitting to you and your audience.

The good news is now that the internet is not a global village, but a global mega-metropolis. There are enough people fitting to whatever personality you might have. You just have to open up and look for the right people.

Fine Tuning Your Communication Triangle
Things become interesting if you are able to create a dynamic in this triangle. This comes from listening to your audience, thus learning more details about their wants and needs. Now you can do your research and fine tune your message to the questions and needs of your audience. This increases your value for your audience. They will look forward for your messages, take them important and read them carefully. Your recognition as an expert will grow, you will reach more people and your influence will also grow.

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2 thoughts on “How to Build an Audience”

  1. Some very good information on connecting with your audience. It seems to be while all points are important consistency is key. If you aren’t consistent in your communication with your audience they will lose interest.

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