Get Profitable Conversions from AdWords Content Network

I want to show you a simple five-step process to use the content networks of Google AdWords:

  1. Define ad groups narrowly, with one or just a handful of closely related keywords (synonyms). If you put too many or too different keywords into one ad group, you will never know which keywords bring clicks and conversions from the content network.
  2. Observe the statistics given by Google closely. It may take one or two days, but Google will show you, which websites produce clicks and conversions.
  3. Move every websites which produces conversions at a profitable cost from “automatic placements” to managed placement. You do this by marking them and using the menu item “Manage placement and bid”
  4. If you find websites which are producing lots of clicks but no conversions, block them by using the menu item “Exclude placement”
  5. Watch the statistics of managed placements closely. If you feel you could get more conversions from a placement at a reasonable cost, you can increase your bid. If you find the cost per conversion is too high, reduce the bid or remove the placement.

By using this 5-step process you can often get more conversions from the content network at lower prices, than you could get from the Adwords search networks with the same keywords.

2 thoughts on “Get Profitable Conversions from AdWords Content Network”

  1. How much time should I let go by before I exclude a site that has 0 clicks or very low CTR?
    1 week? longer? shorter?

    Likewise how long should I monitor a site that gives good amount of clicks but low convesions?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Kris,
    If a site has no clicks, you won’t loose money. The important thing is to exclude sites with many clicks, but no conversions. Because this is the place where you spend money for nothing.
    If you have very low click thru rates, you may just try to test variations of your ad.
    Test another headline, or another text in the body.
    Another reason for low click thru rates may be weak keywords. The keywords decide where your ad is shown. Especially for content network ads, it is important to have in every adgroup only a few closely related keywords. Because in this case you can use the performance of the ad group as an indicator of keyword quality.
    If you have a good amount of clicks from a site, but low conversions, you should try to figure out, why they click, and why the do not buy. It could be that the ad copy creates a wrong impression of your offer. It could be that your offer is not usefull to the people coming from that site. It could be, that people coming from that site do not understand your offer. You can try to put that site into an extra ad group, and adjust the ad copy. Then you can measure the results of each ad copy.
    If you want to do a lot, you can create an extra landing page for the traffic of that site, or for the market segment that site with nonconverting clicks stands for. Then you can split test this special landing page to find the elements that prevent these visitors from buying

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